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Brandable formulated domain name based on the noun “canister” meaning ‘a round or cylindrical container, typically one made of metal, used for storing such things as food, chemicals, or rolls of film. Also, a cylinder of pressurized gas, typically one that explodes when thrown or fired from a gun. Historically, small bullets packed in cases that fit the bore of an artillery piece or gun.’

Legible: is easy to read and easy to pronounce
Memorable: is easy to remember
Great extension: Uses the .com extension.
Short: kanyster is 10 characters or less.

Comparables – (estimated at $11,722+) – (estimated at $9,161+) – (estimated at $11,292+) – (estimated at $14,572)

Suggested uses

Beverage container brand
Web hosting and cloud storage
Weapon storage
Gun store

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